Among independent insurance agencies, the McNish Group is one of the few to employ a full-time claims representative for the benefit of its customers. In the event of a loss, please phone us at 248.544.4800 immediately to initiate your insurance claim.

When you call, we will ask you these key questions:

1. When did the loss take place (e.g., date, time)?

2. Where did the loss take place (e.g., specific location)

What happened to cause the loss?

Who was involved?

Was a police or fire report made, and is a copy available?

Additional considerations:

If there is a threat of additional damage, it is your responsibility to take reasonable measures to prevent any further loss, such as boarding up a broken window or shutting off the source of a water leak. If professional help or materials are needed, in most cases the insurance company will later compensate you. To find an appropriate service provider, refer to your telephone directory.

If you have a workers compensation claim, it should be reported directly to your insurance company. Many insurers provide a kit that contains an Employer’s Basic Report of Injury form, and a phone number to call in the event of a claim.

If you sustain a broken car windshield, report the claim directly to your insurance company’s glass repair network:

Allied – 877.509.3968

Amerisure – 800.728.6494

Citizens – 800.628.0250

Encompass – 800.588.7400

Foremost/Bristol West – 800.274.7865 (Auto) / 800.527.3907 (Homeowners)

Hastings – 800.255.7137

Lake States/Harleysville – 800.892.8877

Progressive – 800.274.4499        

Secura – 800.828.7047

Zurich – 800.987.3373

If you have any questions concerning a claim, call the McNish Group at 248.544.4800. We are here to help you.

If the loss occurs after business hours or on a weekend, call the phone number listed on your insurance policy.